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  • I may not accept every commission

  • Do NOT involve my work any in NFT/Crypto transactions

  • All prices in USD, calculated from my minimum rate of 15/hour

  • Half of payment is due upfront via Square invoice or Venmo

  • Completion time varies (average two weeks)

  • Please contact me through email

  • I'll send sketches for approval during the process!

Will Draw:

  • Furry/OCs

  • Robots/Mecha

  • Suggestive themes

Will Not Draw:

  • Hateful imagery

  • Gore/Violence

  • Detailed NSFW


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Square Icon

  • One character bust

  • Full color

  • Flat background

  • 20-25$

Full Body Character

  • Any pose

  • Full color

  • Light shading

  • Simple background

  • 40-50$

  • Extra characters +15$

Character Sample

Full Illustration

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  • Character(s) interacting with an environment

  • Atmospheric lighting/shading

  • Detailed background (interior or exterior)

  • 70-100$ depending on complexity

  • Extra characters +20$

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Sketch Comic

  • Client supplies simple script or scenario

  • Multiple characters OK

  • Flat backgrounds

  • Accent colors only

  • 75$ first page

  • Additional pages +30$

Polished Comic Spread (2pgs)

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  • Client supplies a script/scenario/action sequence

  • Multiple characters OK

  • Full color

  • Complex shading

  • Detailed backgrounds

  • 100-200$ (email for quote)

Longer project? Commercial use? Something else entirely?
Send me an email and we'll talk!

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